Credit to “InvestmentZen”

In my experience, I have discovered that listening to other real estate investor’s experiences to be a great resource to learn about real estate investing.  I am hoping that through these interviews we can learn about the different strategies that real estate investors use, expected ROIs and how a passive real estate investor can invest in these types of opportunities.

If you would like to share one of your investment stories with us, then please feel free to contact me.

INVESTMENT STORY 1: Dr. Networth’s Private Mortgage Investment (First Mortgage Loan)

INVESTMENT STORY 2: Dr. Networth’s Turn-Key Triplex Property Investment

INVESTMENT STORY 3: Purpose-Built 4-plex with Real Estate Investor Nicole Edmonds

INVESTMENT STORY 4: Legal 2 unit Dwelling with Real Estate Investor Andrew Brennan

INVESTMENT STORY 5: Saskatchewan 144 unit Joint Venture Deal with Edna Keep

INVESTMENT STORY 6: Dr. Networth’s Triplex Investment Property using BRRR Strategy

INVESTMENT STORY 7: Dr. Networth’s 2nd Mortgage Loan Investment