POSTS OF THE MONTH – January 2018


There are many great educational and entertaining posts to read out there in the blogosphere.  I’ve highlighted 3 posts from this past month that I recommend others to read.

First Star: Canadian Couch Potato: Couch Potato Portfolio Returns for 2017

Every year, CCP posts the annual returns of the model couch potato portfolios.  Another good year for indexers!

Second Star: Durham Real Estate Investors: The Seven Deadly Real Estate Investment Sins

Describes 7 myths about real estate investing.  I especially like Number 5 “Believing that real estate investing means taking big risks in order to get big returns” when in reality Successful real estate investors are risk averse and do everything they can to avoid risk and minimize losses”

Third Star:  It’s a tie!

Boomer & Echo: Credit Cards with No Foreign Currency Conversion Fees.  What are my options?


Million Dollar Journey: Amazon Visa Gone? Other Top Free Credit Cards when Travelling out of Country

If you are like me and have used Amazon VISA rewards card when you travel to the United States due to its “No Foreign Currency Conversion Fee” feature, then I’m sure that you were disappointed when you received the notice in the mail stating that these cards will be deactivated on March 15, 2018.  These 2 posts highlights 2 potential replacement credit cards.



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