This month’s recap on Dr.

There are many great educational and entertaining posts to read out there in the blogosphere.  I’ve highlighted 5 posts from this past month that I recommend others to read.

First Star: Canadian Couch Potato: Vanguard’s One-Fund Solution

  • Finally, a Canadian ETF version of a balanced index mutual fund has arrived

Second Star: The Loonie Doctor: The Devils In The Details – What Counts in the Passive Investment Income Limits? 

  • For physicians and small business owners, you should know about the new rules on passive investments held in your CCPC

Third Star:  The Happy Philosopher: Case Study: Should I Keep Working Even Though I’m Financially Independent?

  • A case study that tackles many questions about early retirement, financial freedom and the morality of work

Fourth Star: Financial Samurai: Would You Accept $1,000,000 To Endure Going To Public School Over Private School

  • Have kids and thinking about sending them to private school?  Maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this article

Fifth Star: Wall Street Playboys: A New Lifestyle After Financial Independence

  • Anybody contemplating part-time work/early retirement, but are unsure of how to structure your schedule?  Here is an example of how to use your time efficiently once you have reached FI

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!

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Loonie Doctor

Thanks for the shoutout Dr. Networth. I thought the Happy Philosopher article really crystallized much of the internal debate that many of us face when we finally lift our heads up for a breath after plowing away at medicine for a while and realize that we have hit major goals. It’s like the doctor mid-life crisis.

Dr. MB

Whoa. I just read the Happy Philosopher piece. I sometimes don’t appreciate how much easier my life is by being a simplistic thinker. Or perhaps I’m just a practical mother!